Why I hate taking medication

I am on medication for ADHD, and I hate having to take it. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t even do anything. When I first started on it, it made me fall asleep faster, but now that I’ve adjusted to it, it doesn’t even do that anymore. Now, if I don’t take it I can’t sleep at all until around 2:00 am.

But that’s not the real reason I hate, those are just even more reasons to stop.

The real reason I hate it is because of the message it sends me. When people say “you need medication for your ADHD”, what it really tells me is “we don’t think you’re normal enough to participate in our society”. Well guess what? Maybe I don’t want anything to do with your stupid society! I don’t want to be part of a group that puts people who are different on drugs. The drugs don’t even make us less weird; they just make us be weird more quietly. So we can slip under the radar; so we don’t “embarrass” the “normal” people in front of the rest of the world. Stop calling ADHD a mental disorder. There is nothing any more wrong with me than there is with any other person. Do I sound like I have a disability to you? The only reasons that people with “disabilities” like mine struggle is because our brains work differently from those of the “normal” people, and the system was designed to accommodate “normal” people. My brain has its own way of processing, categorizing, and retrieving information, and that way is considered “abnormal” by some people. I communicate my thoughts differently then other people. Simply put, my brain works differently from most people’s. Since when did that amount to a disorder? ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. For those who don’t know, ‘attention deficit’ means that I supposedly have difficulty paying attention. Not true! If I don’t look like I’m paying attention to you, either I’m having one of those days where my head feels fuzzy and focusing is impossible (you can probably relate), I’m actually listening to you but looking at something else (more likely), or I don’t give a crap/I find you boring and I zoned out because I’m not interested in what your telling me (probably what’s happening). If the it happens to be the last one, don’t tell me I’m rude. Rude would be telling you that I don’t care. It’s not my fault if the thing you’re talking about isn’t interesting.

Then there’s the hyperactivity bit. Bullcrap; I’m lazy as heck. I don’t have enough energy. Why have I been diagnosed with and medicated for a “disorder” that doesn’t even describe me? Where is the logic in that?

Apparently I’ve also been diagnosed with ODD (not that they told me when they did, I have no idea when that even happened), which stands for Oppositional Defiance Disorder. What that’s supposed to mean is that I don’t respect my “superiors”. What it really means is that I don’t respect people without a good reason, I don’t respect you because you are older then me, and I can tell when someone placed in a position of authority over is incompetent/an idiot, and don’t respect them if that is the case. I will grant them the basic respect that all humans deserve, but after that they have to work for it. If I think that someone is kind, I will respect them for it. If I think someone is intelligent, I will respect them for it. If I think someone is sensible, I will respect them for it. If someone is older then me or good at sports or a model… good for them, I couldn’t care less. I have more respect for some people who are younger than me than I do for some people who are older than me. I try to judge people equally, by the same standards. Older people have had more time to work their way up to those standards, but that doesn’t always help them.

A disability/disorder would be if you couldn’t learn a language, if something was wrong in the part of your brain that sent out chemicals that cause emotions, so that when people insulted you you felt happy and when people complemented you you got angry or sad. That would be a problem. It would be virtually impossible to communicate with/coexist with other people (depending on which one). ADHD doesn’t do those things. ODD doesn’t do those things. Stop stigmatizing people!


2 thoughts on “Why I hate taking medication

  1. I couldn’t agree more thoroughly Sam I have ADHD and aspergers and I absolutely hate when someone calls it a disorder or a mental health problem I mean seriously we don’t make them take drugs to make them more like us so why should we take drugs to be more like them.

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  2. I have ADD Autism, Depression and Anxiety, some OCD. Currently I am not on med’s. When I get stressed enough I just get 302’ed. Then i am on meds for a while then stop a while latter. I really hate med’s as well. I refuse to take them unless I am totally unstable then I will take them. Too many side effects.


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